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Our Philosophy

Luxuriously Clean

Dermagram does not compromise ingredients and safety to save costs nor use fancy packaging, and is committed to consciously-made, efficacy driven honest ingredients, providing the skin with the perfect balance of nutrients. Products are formulated with biocompatible ingredients that are well-concentrated and potent, providing the skin the extra protection from pollution and free radical damage, and clinically tested and trialled by Institute d'Expertise Clinique in France, and accreditation from ECOCERT, the largest organic certification organization in the world. Dermagram is committed to the highest standards in world-class quality control at every step of the product development, ISO9001:2015 certified and strictly adhering to globally recognized Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards to ensure that Dermagram formulations are efficacious for sensitive skin, free of common irritants, and formulated with the importance of finding the right balance to address skin issues and 6 Anti-Allergic Promises in mind:



Dermagram promises products that are made with the absence of potential irritants, and have undergone extensive clinical tests to ensure safety for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.



Dermagram products are free from artificial colors or dyes because artificial colorants are toxic to skins and can cause allergies, skin sensitization and irritation.


No Synthetic Fragrances

Dermagram products are infused with natural fragrance derived only from the naturally scented herbal and botanicals of pure ingredients and do not contain synthetic fragrances that often cause skin irritation and allergies.


Lanolin Free

Dermagram products are free from lanolin, often used in many skincare products as an effective emollient to lock moisture and prevent water loss that often irritates skin and causes allergic reactions.


Paraben Free

Dermagram products in contact with skin do not contain paraben, a chemical preservative that has been associated with hormonal functions and breast cancer, low sperm count and testicular cancers. The ground breaking formulations use only naturally-inspired active ingredients.



Dermagram products are non-comedogenic, formulated to reduce potential blockage of visible pores to beautify skin as blocked pores are often major culprits to skin problems.