White Radiance Program

Derma V Program
The White Radiance Program is an advanced formula that harnesses the skin whitening power of precious herbs found on the pristine slopes of the Swiss Alps. Dark spots, freckles and discoloration are visibly diminished as melanin is effectively prevented from reaching the surface layer of the skin. For a fair and flawless complexion, the White Radiance Program uses Vitamin PP in the skin to dramatic effect in the moisturization process. The addition of potent ingredients also stimulates collagen synthesis to improve the skin's condition by strengthening its natural protection against oxidants and free radicals. The White Radiance Program is enhanced with the benefits of Dermagram's nutrient-rich EcoDermaTM formula and 6 anti-allergic promises that ensure the formula is free of irritants and leaves skin with a luminous complexion that radiates from within.
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