Swiss Herbalism

Dermagram Swiss Herbalism
Through years of extensive research, Dermagram has perfected its formulations with a successful combination of natural active ingredients. Based on the healing properties of Herbalism, a 5,000 year old time-honored herbal tradition, Dermagram products are specially formulated using the proven healing power in Swiss herbal plants to create simple and highly effective remedies in relieving common skin problems.

Herbalism originated in a monastery nestled remotely on the Swiss Alps. The monks mastered the art of herbalism by analysing and experimenting with an array of Swiss herbal plants in their secret gardens to discover unique healing properties of thousands of Swiss botanical species.

The alpine habitat is a sanctuary to over 4,500 types of flora, including approximately 500 species which are indigenous to the region. Over the centuries, these plants have adapted unique properties to withstand severe climactic shifts and harsh terrain, and it is the active constituents and vital essence of these plant extracts that constitute to their outstanding therapeutic power.
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